Neha Skandan

Neha Skandan is an undergraduate research intern at the opioid lab, working on Dr. Andrew Huhn’s studies since September 2021. She is currently a sophomore at The Johns Hopkins University, double majoring in Molecular & Cellular Biology and Public Health Studies on the pre-medical track. She also intends to minor in Spanish for the Professions.



Neha is passionate about young adult health communication on the opioid epidemic, and has published articles in both English and Spanish for her regional newspapers and delivered a TEDx Talk on how the public health crisis has affected adolescents. In high school, she conducted research on opioid misuse prevention in adolescents at the play2PREVENT Lab at the Yale School of Medicine. Neha seeks to explore the intersection between clinical practice and public health measures that address opioid use disorder. Outside of research, she is an editor for Epidemic Proportions (Hopkins’ premier undergraduate public health journal) and a member of Johns Hopkins JOSH Bollywood Fusion Dance team.

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