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Our research studies provide all research-related care free of charge and maintain strict confidentiality.


All studies require an in-depth eligibility determination that will include a brief survey or phone call and then more in-depth in-person visit during which we will discuss all study activities, as well as risks and benefits, with you. Since every study is different, you may qualify for some studies and not others.

Please review our current studies below. If you would like to learn more about a study or whether you may be eligible, you may contact the study team as the number below or click a LINK to complete a brief screening online NOW to learn if you qualify for the in-person visit.


All research activities are on a volunteer basis, and you can decide to join a study and change your mind at any time without any consequences from Johns Hopkins Healthcare.

"Having gone through the process of detox several times in rehab in the past, I can honestly say that if those facilities operated more like this study program does more people would have a better chance at sobriety and be more willing to seek treatment. While very trying and difficult for me, I can't express enough what an excellent experience it was for me in my path to sobriety. I can not thank the staff here at John Hopkins enough for their care and kindness while I was here. I am truly grateful for you all helping me get through such a difficult process with such care and comfort."
-Research Participant

Medical Device Study

Are you physically dependent on opioids? Do you have symptoms when you try to stop using?


This clinical research study at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Campus involves supervised opioid withdrawal in a residential setting. The goal of the study is to examine an FDA-cleared medical device that might lessen the symptoms of opioid withdrawal.


You must have opioid use disorder and be 18 to 65 years old to


Participation requires an inpatient stay of 16-20 days. Duration of the study is about 3 weeks. Compensation up to and between $1230 and $1530 may be provided.


Call 410-550-1916.

PI: Eric Strain, M.D. Protocol # IRB00241133

Sleep Study

Withdrawal Study