Dr. Kelly Dunn, Ph.D., MBA

Dr. Dunn has been working in the field of OUD since 2005. As a teenager growing up in rural Central New York in the late 1990's, Dr. Dunn watched several close friends be introduced to opioid use through prescription medications. Many of these friends developed opioid misuse and eventually opioid use disorder. This prompted Dr. Dunn's life-long passion for understanding motivations for opioid use, identifying methods to prevent the onset of OUD, helping to improve treatments for OUD, and exploring new methods for managing pain and reducing opioid reliance. Dr. Dunn has now been the Principal Investigator on projects totaling more than $15 million in awards from the National Institutes of Health and is an author on more than 80 peer-reviewed publications in the area of substance use and opioid use disorder. She also regularly consults with companies seeking to develop new medications for the treatment of OUD.

Email: kdunn9@jhmi.edu

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