Kirkland Sugrim

Kirkland graduated from Cornell University in 2021 holding a bachelor’s in an interdisciplinary self-design major in cognitive sciences, bridging neuroscience, linguistics, religious studies, and philosophy. At Cornell, he conducted research studying the neuroscience and behavioral psychology of drug use, and compared drug policies focused on addiction, rehabilitation, and recidivism. His undergraduate thesis explored group dynamics through a cognitive science lens to better understand the role that higher powers play in society.

Kirkland joined the MOR lab in 2023 and contributes to research on novel drug treatments to serve as alternative pathways to heal from drug addiction. He aspires to learn more about the effects of addiction on the mind and society, and the role non-traditional drugs can play in healing trauma. Kirkland intends to further his interdisciplinary background in graduate school. Outside of work, you’ll find him pondering life’s endless inquiries, hosting cooking parties, wine tasting, and watching The Last of Us on repeat.